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The canteen extension at the King’s School, Ottery St Mary has been brought to successful completion. Hills provided Cost Control throughout the project which completed on time and within budget prompting Lawrence Evans, Business Manager of the School to say “You have provided costing estimates and assessments which have proven to be detailed, clear and accurate throughout the project. As well as your ability to hold the main contractor to account for costs where required, I have been impressed with your ability to identify the cost impact of (sometimes vague) discussions and also your contribution to seeking solutions within the project that achieve value for money.”

Designed by Grainge Architects and built by Nevada Construction, the extensions either side of the existing dining hall provide an additional 129sqm of Gross Internal Area. In addition, the existing canopy along the western facade has been reconstructed, and turned outward into the outdoor amenity space to offer a clearer sense of entrance to the building. Where the existing canopy has been removed to allow for the new extension, the roof overhangs the front of the building so a dry passage has been retained.

A line of new trees along this facade soften the landscaping here, while helping root the new building into it. Additional outdoor seating is combined with planters for these, resulting in usable green space, now on both sides of the existing outdoor area.

A visible timber structure, as within the existing dining hall, also references to the timber pergolas opposite the site, enhanced further with timber cladding. A high level unbroken band of translucent polycarbonate cladding allows light into the building, while windows at different heights offer views out when standing or sitting.

Large rooflights maximise light into the spaces within. These are positioned over the existing openings in the facade to encourage transmittance of light into the main hall.

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